Find your own inner power, strength and inner wisdom!

Tri-lingual Relationship Coach, Intercultural Coaching, Relationship Coach Lisbon passion for empowering people into better relationships, respect, deeper understanding and unconditional love has grown continuously while travelling the world. I’ve witnessed over and over the suffering, loss and split-ups due to misunderstandings of other cultures, backgrounds and values, either personally or professionally.

Do you long for a real connection with others but there seems to be a failure or gap in the communication?

Do you feel like you are not being respected, appreciated or not truly loved for who you really are?

Does it feel that you can’t step into your own power?


I am Sabina, passionately devoted to the subject of love.
I help you to find your own power, strength and wisdom, so that you learn to deeply value yourself and find out how to communicate more lovingly while still speaking your truth. This will help you to set healthy boundaries and be more in flow and at ease with yourself and with others.

Are you ready to  create deeper relationships, full of respect and love?

I am looking forward to talking to you.


  • "Sabina has a wonderful gift of empowering others, caring, intuitive and direct, she opens a space for radical self-love in the hearts of others. My meeting with her was unexpected but timely - I don't exaggerate when I say she brought a piece of the puzzle to my life, nudging me towards finding the key to my heart. I am incredibly grateful for her gift of time, wisdom and playfulness."

    - Jim H. -
  • "I believe Sabina to be an honest and talented coach with great intuition and good insight. She helped me to realign myself with my values in just a few sessions. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to anyone seeking a little support in life."

    - Sacha A -
  • "Sabina is a very special person. We met doing a youth leadership training programme in Kibeira, Kenia, and she is one of the most positive and open people I have met."

    - Martine K. -
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