Unity in Teams

Bringing Heart back to Teams

People need people who care about each other, it does not matter if these people are teams in corporates, schools or any other organisations

  • Do you wish that your team would collaborate more?
  • Do you feel the team needs more alignment – more bonding?

The success, the laughter, the wisdom, the generosity, the joy… NONE of us can get there on our own.

Imagine the society we would create, if we chose to serve the wellbeing of people and nature first, and the creation of profits second. The first would be the purpose, the second would be the means.

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Looking Back at 25 years of Business development, I have facilitated training at many events organised by:

  • CILT (The National Centre for Languages)
  • UK Trade & Investment, British Chamber of Commerce
  • Learning Skills Council, Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Madrid
  • Education First, Tourism UK
  • EFMD (European Foundation for Management)
  • among many others including private companies
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