Real growth comes from

intimate Relationships

Coaching in conscious love

Do you want a meaningful connection to your partner?

Imagine you live an authentic, conscious, harmonious relationship. You can openly talk about anything, show your deepest fears and vulnerability and you are understood.

Imagine that you and your lover are taking response-ability for their own emotions and triggers and is seen and heard by the other.

Imagine being perfectly able to understand how your body feels. Eventually guide your partner to improving the quality of sex.

Imagine, lovers are always feeling the full presence of the other, during the act of love and experiencing long waves of pleasure, filling you with deep connection for days.

Imagine that you can relearn to talk about the feelings you experience during sex and love and to be able to create a deeper authentic communication.

The problem of all lovers is that deep down they are afraid.

And love is the greatest danger there is. It demands you totally.  

Are you willing to walk this path?

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