Free love

Polyamorous? Monogamy? Open Relationship? Free Love?

All these wonderful choices can come with a lot of confusion.

They can bring so much pain and suffering, when we are not prepared for it.

Women are coming to me, asking:

“How do I deal with jealousy?

“How can I be more open and understanding and not feel so hurt”?

Free Eros and partnership are not mutually exclusive.

On the contrary: They complement one another. The most important ingredient for a lasting love, relationshipis being truthful to yourself and the other.

The question of whether we want to live monogamous, polygamous, heterosexual or homosexual, is decided on the basis of our inner truth.

Do you know your inner truth? Do YOU know what your heart really desires? What is your starting point at this moment in time?

Do you want to find out?

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