Conscious Uncoupling

Do I see my separation as a Chance to grow?

  • How can I let go of the bitterness, anger pain or even hate?
  • How do I find a constructive, peaceful communication & co-operation with my ex-partner?
  • How can I feel better, relieved, more mature and happier in the end?
  • How can I support my children and avoid their suffering as much as possible?

Separation is also a Chance

Separations are painful but they also represent an important turning point in our life. They offer a chance:

  • to recognise mistakes and learn how to turn things around in the future
  • to learn letting go of pain through acceptance, letting go of old behavioural patterns such as: “making yourself small”
  • to make you – and everyone aroud you – feel more confident and grounded, kinder and happier

How does Conscious Uncoupling work?

The process is about supporting goodwill, generosity, and respect. In its essence, it’s about two people striving to minimise the damage to themselves, their children, and their futures.

First of all, YOU will be the main focus, to re-gain value and appreciation.

You learn how to integrate your pain and anger, to re-find emotional peace and kindnees. You learn how to break through old behavioral patterns, a basis for new experiences. This awareness creates the basis for goodwill, generosity and respect for a respectful cooperation and communication with your “ex”-partner. Conscious Separation or Divorce is ending a marriage or relationship in peace, with integrity and awareness by both parties! Above all, this minimises the damage for your children and their future, because:

“You separate as a couple, but you stay parent the rest of your life“

How may I support you?

Coaching is not a therapy, but a path to self-awareness and self-empowerment in which I support you. Your re-found balance and kindness will not only be contagious but also influence to a high degree the process of the separation.

Each ending is also a New Beginning.

I walk with you!

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