What would love do now?

Coaching is…

focused purely on your own agenda. Coaching enables you discover the right way forward by asking you questions, which are helping you to find your answers. Ultimately coaching aims to maximize your personal and professional potential. Coaching is supportive, thought provoking and non-judgmental. It’s important you enter into coaching with the understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.

Even though I am a certified coach, I also feel guided what comes through me. My way of coaching is often combined with healing: sometimes I  may use a meditation to guide you, or NLP exercise, or Reiki. I am working a lot with energies ideally in nature, values, feelings & emotions, breath, body work, among many others.

Learning to deeply value yourself, will help you to set healthy boundaries and be more in flow and ease with yourself and with others.  You will create deeper relationships, full of respect and love.

In helping you to Self-Empowerment, you will find how to stay connected to yourself every day, being able to listen to your own authentic needs. This will bring you inner stability and balance, a clearer vision and a clearer communication.

Coaching Subjects

Inquiry to Self-Love

For individuals

Alter your relationship with Self and everything else will alter accordingly. Inquiry for self love, re-connection to self, self-empowerment,  finding the one, creating better communications.


For individuals and couples

Looking for a deeper connection and better communication?

Relationship Coaching is a collaborative conversation that aims to help you, gain clarity and insights.

Free Love

For individuals and couples

Understanding your choices of love and its impact on your relationship. Communicating with transparency and truth and clear agreements.

Conscious Uncoupling*

If you are in the in the process of splitting, consider the Conscious Uncoupling Process.

*Terminology was created by Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Unity in Teams

For a better collaboration in teams.

Bringing heart back to Teams.


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